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Honey Shirkand Healthy Tart: Honey Wali Holi Recipe

Honey Shirkand Healthy Tart: Honey Wali Holi Recipe

 Cooking Time : 10-12 minutes

Servings : 02

Honey Wali Holi was an online contest in which participants were asked to share Holi-themed recipes that incorporated honey as an ingredient. The idea behind the event was to promote the use of honey as a healthier and more natural alternative to sugar in traditional Holi recipes. Honey Wali Holi was a unique and fun way to encourage people to explore new recipes and experiment with healthier ingredients while celebrating the festival of colors.

Honey Wali Holi Participant Details:
  1. Name : Hajirasheed Haroon
  2. Location : Chennai
  3. Instagram ID : @hajirasheed2225

To make wheat flour halwa with goodness of honey, following ingredients can be used

  • Marie biscuits -10
  • Honey -5tsp spoo
  • ghee-2tsp spoon
  • Curd -5tsp sooon
  • Chopped fruits-
  • Chopped nuts-5spoon
  • Grind the biscuit pieces in the mixer
  • Mix two spoons of honey with 2 spoon of ghee along with biscuit powder
  • Grease the mold and press the biscuit dough for a while and let it set for ten minutes
  • To thicken the curd without water, pour the curd in a strainer and let the water drain for some time.
  • In a bowl add two spoons of finely chopped fruits (pomegranate banana grapes) finely chopped nuts (almonds cashews pistachios) again add honey and mix.
  • Take the biscuit mixture out of the mold slowly and add the curd mixture to it and garnish it with honey chopped pistas and serve.
  • Colourful honey shirkand healthy tart is ready 

About the Honey used

  1. Product name : Organic Honey
  2. Our Nature’s Nectar organic honey is unifloral and medicinal free from antibiotics and pesticides. 
  3. Source: Our highly experienced beekeepers work hard to collect the organic honey from Khalisa, Sundarban 
  4. Benefits: Organic Honey is a healthier alternative to processed sugar, which has no nutritional value and can cause health problems if consumed in excess.


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