Honey Oatmeal Cookies
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1 ½ Cup Oatmeal½ cup Whole wheat flour (Aata)1/3 cup Plain flour (Maida)2 tbsp Butter2 tbsp Milk¼ cup castor sugar4 tbs
Naga Chilly Potatoes
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IngredientsFor the potatoes2 potatoes, peeled and sliced3-4 Tbsp cornflour or maidaSalt to taste1 tsp red chilli powder
Honey Summer Sangria
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Ingredients1 Cup Apple Juice¼ Cup Honey100 ml Soda2 sliced of apple1 slice orange1 strawberry1 slice lemonMethod1) Mix
Honey Chai
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1 Cup water1 black tea bagA pinch of ground gingerA pinch of ground cinnamonA pinch of ground cardamom¼ cup Honey1` cup
Banana Honey Smoothie
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Ingredients1 Medium sized Banana , Frozen1 generous tablespoon of Honey1 Scoop Vanilla icecream1 Cup Cold Milk or yoghu
Lemon Honey Ginger Mocktail with Basil seeds
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IngredientsJuice of 1 Lime1 generous tablespoon of Honey¼ tsp ginger juice1 tsp Basil seeds200 ml Soda or Water, cold2

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